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2009American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.
2009. 4. New York, USA

Sato T, Yamazaki K, Akaike J, Toyota J, Karino Y, Ohmura T.
Evaluation of therapeutic effects on rectal varices using percutaneous color Doppler ultrasonography.

Digestive Disease Week 2009.
2009. 5. Chicago, USA

Mutou S, Takeda H, Kato K, Oridate N, Katsurada T, Tsuchiya T, Sadakane C, Hattori T, Asaka M.
Decreased ghrelin response mediates upper gastrointestinal motility disorder in experimental GERD rats.

14th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Hematology.
2009. 6. Berlin, Germany

Kondo T, Mizutani T, Darmanin S, Tsuda M, Kawaguchi H, Tanaka J, Imamura M, Asaka M, Ohba Y.
Development of a novel method to evaluate the efficacy of molecular targeted therapy in chronic myelogenous leukemia by bio-imaging system.

2009 ASCO Annual Meeting.
2009. 6. Olando, USA

Takiuchi H, Koizumi W, Yamada Y, Boku N, Komatsu Y, Fuse N, Muro K, Tsuburaya A.
Phase II study of oxaliplatin combined with S-1 (SOX) as first-line therapy for patients with advanced gastric cancer.

Sapporo Cancer Seminar 2009 29th International Symposium on Cancer.
2009. 7. Sapporo, Japan

Kato M.
Preventive effect of H. pylori eradication for development of gastric cancer.

The 6th Korea-Japan Liver Symposium.
2009. 7. Gyeongju, Korea

Jong Hon KANG.
Eco-medical Issues of Viral Hepatitis in the Next Generation”Clinical Manifestations and Managements of Hepatitis E.

Endoscopic Forum Japan 2009.
2009. 8. Otaru, Japan

Kawakami H.
Stone management of the bile duct stone―Difficult case―.

12th World Congress of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.
2009. 9. Sydney, Australia

Sato T, Yamazaki K, Akaike J, Toyota J, Karino Y, Ohmura T.
Diagnosis of Gastric Varices via Percutaneous Color Doppler Ultrasonography.

15th Congress of the European Cancer Organization (ECCO 15).
2009. 9. Berlin, Germany

Shimizu Y, Yoshida T, Kato M, Asaka M.
Long-term outcome after endoscopic resection in patients with hypopharyngeal carcinoma invading the subepithelium.

15th International Workshop on Campylobacter, Helicobacter, and related organisms.
2009. 9. Niigata, Japan

Sugiyama T, Kato M, Asaka M.
Effect of H. pylori eradication on developing gastric cancer in human study.

Asaka M.
Induction of aberrant DNA methylation as a major carcinogenic pathway by Helicobacter pylori infection.

34th European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).
2009. 9. Berlin, Germany

Hatanaka K, Komatsu Y, Yuki S, Nakamura M, Miyagishima T, Kudo M, Munakata M, Sakata Y, Asaka M.
Phase II Trial of Combined Chemotherapy with Irinotecan, S-1, and Bevacizumab in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer ― Interim Report ―.

Nakachi K, Okusaka T, Funakoshi A, Ioka T, Yamao K, Ohkawa S, Boku N, Komatsu Y, Nakamori S, Furuse J.
A phase II study of erlotinib plus gemcitabine in Japanese patients with unresectable pancreatic cancer.

38th Annual Meeting of International Society of Hematology (ISEH).
2009. 9. Athens, Greece

Tanaka J, Sugita J, Asanuma S, Arita K, Shono Y, Kikuchi M, Shigematu A, Kondo T, Asaka M, Imamura M.
The common γ-chain cytokine IL-15 and rapamycin induced expansion of CD4+CD25+FoxP3+regulatory T cells from cord blood CD4+ cells.

Asian Pacific Digestive Week 2009.
2009. 9. Taipei, Taiwan

Kato M.
Time trend changes of H. pylori infection and gastric cancer in Asian-Pacific region.

4th Trends in Medical Mycology.
2009. 10. Athens, Greece

Hashino S, Iwasaki J, Okada K, Shigematsu A, Onozawa M, Kondo T, Asaka M.
Itraconazole oral solution and intravenous itraconazole for fungal infections in patients with hematological diseases in Japan.

60th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD).
2009. 10. Boston, USA

Hige S, Chuma M, Kobayashi T, Horimoto H, Sho T, Nakanishi M, Asaka M.
Hepatitis B virus core-related antigen as a useful marker for the comprehension of HBV status in hepatocytes.

Karino Y, Toyota J, Akaike J, Ozeki J, Kuwata Y, Sato T, Arakara T, Ohmura T.
Significant elevation of efficacy with PEG-IFN and ribavirin combination is expected in patients with substitution of amino acid 70 in the hepatitis C core region of genotype 1b and high viral load when pretreatment insulin resistance is improved.

20th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference.
2009. 11. Tukuba, Japan

Sogabe S, Yuki S, Iwanaga I, Takeuchi S, Nakamura M, Hayashi H, Hatanaka K, Takano K, Muto S, Kato K, Miyashita K, Watanabe Y, Tsukioka Y, Hosokawa A, Kato T, Meguro T, Miyagishima T, Kusumi T, Hoso-kawa M, Asaka M, Komatsu Y.
Safety and efficacy analysis of bevacizumab combined chemotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer patients (HGCSG0801).

<Work Shop>
Kato M.
Working report Gastric cancer.

8th Japan Society of Hepatology single topic conference.
2009. 11. Tokyo, Japan

Karino Y.
Nucleoside analog therapy for chronic hepatitis B ―Measures for the resistant virus―.

Hige S, Kobayashi T, Sho T, Nakanishi M, Chuma M, Asaka M.
Clinical usefulness of Hepatitis B core-related antigen for patients undergoing nucleoside analogue administration.

Karino Y, Arakawa T, Kuwata Y, Akaike J, Ozeki I, Sato T, Ohmur T, Toyota J.
Efficacy of Adefovir and Entecavir combination therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis B resistant to nucleoside analogs.

2009. 11. London, England

Kato M.
Overview of other endoscopic situations (such as stomach and duodenum).

Yamamoto K, Ono S, Kato M, Nakagawa M, Shimizu Y, Asaka M.
Clinicopathological analysis of early gastric cancers after Helicobacter pylori eradication treatment.

Sato T, Yamazaki K, Akaike J, Toyota J, Karino Y, Ohmura T.
Efficacy of endoscopic injection sclerotherapy for rectal varices compared with band ligation.

<Oral Presentation>
Nishida U, Kamada G, Shimizu Y, Asaka M, Ono S, Kato M, Nishida M.
Evaluation of small bowel injury induced by low-dose aspirin using video capsule endoscopy and contrast-enhanced ultrasonography.

51th Annual Meeting of American Society of Hematology (ASH).
2009. 12. New Orleans, USA

Shigematsu A, Tanaka J, Suzuki R, Kawase T, Akiyama H, Fukuda T, Kumano K, Yoshiba F, Kanamori H, Kobayashi N, Fukuhara T, Imamura M.
Superior Outcomes Using Medium-Dose VP-16/CY/TBI to CY/TBI as a Conditioning Regimen for Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation for Adult Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Kim S-W, Kim S-W, Yoon S-S, Suzuki R, Yi HG, Ago H, Imamura M, Wake A, Yoshida T, Lee J-J, Kim JS, Maeda Y, Izutsu K, Kang HJ, Lee J-H, Kim HC, Suzumiya J, Matsuno Y, Kim CW, Nagafuji K, Takaue Y, Harada M, Kim CS.
Autologous versus allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (SCT) for peripheral T-cell lymphomas (pTCLs): Japan and Korea Cooperative Study with 330 patients.

Noguchi S, Nakata M, Shima K, Katsura Y, Matsukawa T, Kanaya M, Matsuoka S, Kosugi M, Fujii S, Ota S, Imai K, Hirano T, Kobayashi N, Ogasawara M, Kiyama Y, Kasai M.
Pre-treatment serum soluble interleukin-2 receptor value significantly predicts survival of patients with newly diagnosed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Yonezumi M, Kurosawa M, Fukuhara T, Hokkaido Cooperative Hematology Group.
Low sensitivity of the (1-3)-beta-D-glucan assay for diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis in hematologic malignancy patients.

2010 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium.
2010. 1. San Francisco, USA

Yamada Y, Koizumi W, Takiuchi H, Boku N, Muro K, Fuse N, Komatsu Y, Tsuburaya A.
S-1 combined with oxaliplatin (SOX) as first-line chemotherapy against advanced gastric cancer: Updates on a multicenter phase II trial.

Takiuchi H, Doi T, Muro K, Yamada Y, Boku N, Nishina T, Komatsu Y, Hamamoto Y, Ohno N, Ohtsu A.
Everolimus in patients with previously treated metastatic gastric cancer: Final results of a multicenter phase II study.

Muro K, Doi T, Boku N, Kato K, Komatsu Y, Yamaguchi K, Hamamoto Y, Sato A, Koizumi W, Mizunuma N.
Final results of bevacizumab (BV) plus capecitabine plus oxaliplatin (XELOX) as first-line therapy in Japanese patients (pts) with metastatic colorectal cancer (MCRC).

20th Annual meeting of the Asian Pacific Association for the study of the liver.
2010. 3. Beijing, China

Hige S, Nakanishi M, Kobayashi T, Sho T, Chuma M, Asaka M.
Hepatitis B core-related antigen in association with hepatocellular carcinoma.

4th World Conference on Head and Neck Oncology.
2010. 3. Athens, Greece

Shimizu Y, Yoshida T, Kato M, Oridate N, Asaka M.
Endoscopic resection for patients with early-stage hypopharyngeal carcinoma.